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Made in Great Britain

Design and fabrication service


We offer a service where we can design and build bespoke machinery to your requirements from one offs to multiples .

Being able to weld Aluminium,stainless steel and mild steel give us the ability to use a wide range of materials.

Front mounted cover crop seeder


We built this front mounted folding cover crop seeder using the customers existing vaderstad seeder, which we then designed and fabricated the frame and folding booms.

Cutting the cost of drilling cover crops by doing the job in a single pass 

3mtr Folding plot drill


This research plot drill was designed and built in house using Horsch disc coulters, it can drill all cereals plots at 2 mt or with the fold down wings can drill 3 mt oil seed rape plots.

Trailed slug pelleter


A towable slug pellet applicator takes away the need to keep removing it from your quad or utv, it is always accurately set unlike on a quad or utv which alters the spread pattern as the capacity goes down and the suspension rises 

Letting the creative sparks fly


We are always looking for a new challenge, so if you've got something in mind you want built give us a call or better yet call in.

Vertical fold booms built to customers requirements


The customer needed as boom which would fold vertically and also work with just one side folded out,so they purchased the chassis cab and then turned it over to us to design and build the booms and back frame  

Custom built amenity sprayers

A range to suit all


Our amenity sprayer s are all built from scratch to the customer spec walk along,trailed or linkage mounted with tank sizes from 20 lts upwards and booms from 2 mt to 12 mt we build a sprayer to suit all

Trailed 4 mt boom


Trailed spec

4 mt boom

12 volt pump

3 spray sections

powder coated frame

300 lt tank

lgp tires

Trailed 2mt boom


Trailed spec

2 mt boom

12 volt pump

powder coated frame

hand lance

300 lt  tank

lgp tires

Utv skid unit


Utv spec

300 lt tank

12 volt pump switched from the cab

6 mt boom

3 spray sections

powder coated frame

hand lance

Utv skid unit


The utv skid unit can easily be removed by undoing the straps and lifting it off using the fork truck lifting points, the un it can then be easily stored on its storage legs


With a range of uses our walk behind sprayers come in a range of sizes 

from 20 lt to 60 lt



We worked alongside the BBRO to design and build this folding beet hoe to ift on to the front of a compact tractor. 

Bespoke sugarbeet hoe


The wings fold up hydraulically for it to be able to fit on to a car trailer.


All the coulters and discs are adjustable for both row width, depth and disc angle to get the best result in all conditions.

Feed bin frames


Custom built feed bin frames, built to suit the customers existing feed bin hoppers, with galvanised finish.

Boom repairs


This bent sprayer boom came in contact with a telegraph pole. we removed the boom and brought it back to the workshop, were we cut out the damaged section and repalced with new.

The finished repair


The repaired boom was returned to the farm the next day after being painted and fitted back on to the sprayer.